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So many of you know our story but if not, here’s a recap. Jose & Ana Mendez both originate from Mexico, Jose or as many of you know him, Pepe, was born in the state of Michoacán and Ana was born in the state of Guanajuato. Though growing up only 3 hours away from each other, it is here in the states that they were married and began their family. 

Both Pepe & Ana arrived in the States at very young ages and began working like most migrant workers do here in the fields picking any fruit you can name. That lifestyle followed them into their marriage until they decided along with Ana’s sister  Lupe and her husband Pedro, to start a business of their own. After some years, the two families decided it was time to part ways. That’s when El Amigo Pepe was born and Lupe and her husband went on to create Rios still up and running in New Buffalo, MI (highly recommend) .

We made Niles our home a little over 20 years ago. Thats when our journey began with you all and our circumstances were very different. At that time, Pepe and his wife had four teenagers and a little five year old who had all the time in the world. The business was thriving and we were getting our name out there. But the years passed very quickly, like they always do and those circumstances changed.

Since then, all five children have gotten married, have had children, some moved on from the restaurant business, we’ve had to endure sicknesses, surgeries, we continue to grieve those we’ve lost in the last years but through it all Pepe & Ana have always done their best to continue the restaurant business

and as a small (but ever growing) family owned business, their end goal has never changed. That end goal has always been to be able to provide for this family but to always keep a balance and spend time with their family as well. As Ana likes to say “ The real profit is being able to spend real quality time with their family.”

So when an opportunity arises and allows us to do just that, we do it…be that in Niles, Notre Dame, Buchanan, Cass, our HECTIC, CRAZY, BUSY festival summers or other locations & events. We are all trying to make it, just like everyone else. We do our best to provide the best service wherever we are set up. We miss those good ole , but times change. Our family certainly has changed as well and we just want to thank all of our faithful and loyal customers who understand this and allow us to be human. 


Thank you for being our home Niles.

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